Exhibitions of different themes in Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg:

1997. Riga's applied Arts college diplom work exhibition, Ventspils, Latvia;
1998. Group exhibition in Mazeiki, Lithuania;
1998. “Play in the Art-Art in the play”, glass art exhibition, Riga, Latvia;
1998   -  2003. Group exhibition, “Black Dove” gallery, Riga , Latvia;
1998   -  2000. Glass art exhibition, “Asuna” gallery, Riga, Latvia;
2000. Group exhibition, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga;
2000. “Glass in the wind”, glass art exhibition, Architect haus, Liepaja, Latvia.
2000. “Witrum Balticum”, glass art exhibition, Kaunas, Lithuania;
2000   -  2003. Group exhibition, “Apsida” gallery, Riga, Latvia;
2001. “Glass in Winter”, glass art exhibition, Ventspils art museum, Latvia;
2001. Exhibition, “Bastejs” gallery, Riga, Latvia;
2002. “Glass in the snow”, open-air exhibition, Konventa seta (yard), Riga, Latvia;
2002. Group exhibition, “Laipa” gallery, Valmiera, Latvia;
2002   -  2003. Exhibitions “Blown Glass”, “Painted glass” and “Window glass”, creative studio‑gallery, Riga, Latvia;
2003. “Blu glass, Green ice”, glass art exibition, Lubana and Bauska, Latvia;
2003. “Glass, Glass and just Glass”, glass art exibition, “Klints” gallery, Liepaja, Latvia;
2002   -  2003 “Volcano”, glass art exibition, “Triangula Bastions” gallery, Riga, Latvia;
2004. “Glass has many faces”, TGH glass exhibition 2004, Germany, Schloss Holte‑Stuckenbrock;
2004. L’exposition “Verre de Lettonie”, Au Château du Saint-Lambert, Belgique, Seraing;
2004. Exhibition in Hadamar, Germany;
2005. Group exhibition, youth hostel, Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
2010. “The Power of Dreams”, Glass Art Exibition, Jelgava Art School, Jelgava, Latvia
2010. “The Power of Dreams International”, Glass Art Exibition, Kuldiga Museum, Kuldiga, Latvia.

2011. International Glass Art Exhibition “The Power of Dreams”, Liepaja, Latvia (Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Luxembourg)
2011. International Glass Art Exhibition “The Power of Dreams”, Rokasbirzs, Latvia (Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Luxembourg)
2011. International art plein air “Changing places...” Kuldiga, Latvia
2011. International exhibition “Changes”, Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg (The artworks were selected by an international jury and came from 17 countries worldwide)

​2017. exhibition commemorating the 30th anniversary of Māras Muižnieces Rigas art school “Saknes Galotnes”, Riga, Latvia

​2021. Open-air exhibition "Rainforest", Perl, Germany

2022. Open-air exhibition "Flowery garden", Perl, Germany

2023. Third international open-air exhibition "Underwater life", Nennig, Germany

Numerous Private collections and galleries:

England, Sunderland “National Glass Centre”;
Netherlands Prime minister;
Lithuania; Latvia; Luxembourg; Belgium; Germany; New Zealand; Slovakia; Bulgaria; Malta.


2000.  “Baltcom 2000” ( Latvia ),
2004.  “Glass has many faces” (Germany).

2011.   International exhibition “Changes” (Luxembourg) : instalation


Since 1999. Participates in local symposiums;

2000. “Nordic Glass 2000” , Denmark;
2000. ”Baltic states symposium of Glass art”, Riga, Latvia.

Signe Admine-Bugeja was born in Riga in 1976. Since early childhood Signe was involved in various activities for children such as drawing, dancing, basketball, etc.

​1986. Studied for 6 years in the newly founded Mara Muizniece Children's Art School of Riga (CASR). Her diploma work consisted of a versatile composition made of decorative tile paintings. While learning at CASR she participated in several art projects, namely the annual Art Days (Mākslas dienas), decoration with painted tiles of the corner building wall between Kr. Barona and Matisa streets in Riga etc. She also participated in children's art school and comprehensive school drawing competitions and art Olympics (olimpiādes) where she ended up in the first rankings.

1992. Joined Riga Applied Art College’s (RAAC) glass department. In parallel to her studies at RAAC Signe worked in an advertising company “Radio AA” and later at Riga’s Technical University. During the fifth year of her studies at RAAC she elaborated her diploma work 'Vision', a decorative graphical painting in glass.

1997. On her first attempt she qualified first at the entrance examinations for the Latvian Academy of Arts (LAA) where she joined the glass department. In parallel to her studies at LAA (1997 - 2000) Signe worked as a private tutor helping young people prepare for RAAC and craft school entrance examinations. In the same year she collaborated in the restoration of an Art Nouveau ceiling of a residential building situated in the corner between Valdemara and Alberta streets in Riga.

​1999. Took an apprenticeship in Luxembourg with R. Emeringer with whom she collaborated in the restoration of the stained glass of a Belgian church. At R. Emeringer’s studio she also acquired knowledge of various glass art working techniques. This Luxembourgish experience enabled Signe to actively engage herself in subsequent glass art projects in Latvia.

​2000. Collaborated with A. Kļavnieka in the restoration of the stained glass of the “Small Guild” (Mazā Ģilde) (1889. A. Frevstadtl, Hanover). In the same year she complemented her professional skills at a glass art studio in Sars-Poteries, France.

​2001. Signe received a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in arts, visual plastic art (glass art ) and humanitarian sciences from the LAA. In summer she collaborated in the restoration of the ornamental ceiling, wall mouldings and decorative ceiling paintings of “House of Maikapar”, situated in Briana street, Riga.

​2003. Signe received a master's degree (MA) in art, visual plastic arts (glass art) and humanitarian sciences. That summer the paths of life brought the artist to Luxembourg, where she currently lives and works.

​2004. Worked as a glass artist at the Luxembourgish company “Electrocarel”, where she produced a glass art, glass decorations, artistic lamps and other illumination related pieces, stained glass and other art objects.

​2006. Worked for two years with the European Commission in Luxembourg.

​2009. Signe Admine-Bugeja set up "Signe Art Studio" in Luxembourg where she teaches art to children and adults and organises thematic workshops. She also caters for birthday parties. ​

2009/2013 Participated as visiting teacher at the Luxemburgish Latvian school “Strops”.

2010. Furthered her knowledge of pedagogy by attending the seminars: “Pedagogical methods, child development and psychology,” held by visiting professor G. Svence, and “Waldorf, Montessori and other alternative methods” held by Andra Ozola.

2011. Member of the international festival of art and music "Garamuzika" selection comity, Talsi, Latvia

2015. Festival "Enjoy Luxembourg", graphic art workshop "Curious cat" at Place d’Armes, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

​2016. Art workshops at the European Latvian Association (ELA) and Latvian diaspora youth summer camp in Luxembourg - "Kalve".

2017. Art workshops at the European Latvian Association (ELA) and Latvian diaspora youth summer camp in Luxembourg - ''Kalve''.